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Promote the densification and redevelopment of business and retail areas

The Master Plan aims to improve the architectural and urban quality of Montréal’s employment areas in order to support the competitiveness of the City both regionally and internationally.

In accordance with a comprehensive vision for the new City, the Employment Areas Map identifies the areas reserved for economic activities by clarifying the desired uses and built form (see Map 2.4.1).

Commercial buildingsIn order to improve the built form of retail sectors, especially in business and retail areas, the Master Plan establishes a regulatory framework for the design review of projects involving the construction of large- and medium-sized stores (see Objective 12 and Part III).

In addition, in order to ensure increased density and to improve the urban landscape, the Plan proposes to intensify activities within business and retail areas by reorganizing existing outdoor parking lots and commercial buildings. Some sites also have potential for housing development, given existing or projected public transportation infrastructure.

Implementation measures

  • Increase the multifunctional role of business and retail areas by supporting the densification and diversification of activities, particularly in connection with existing or projected public transportation infrastructure.
  • Reinforce the urban character and favour the reconfiguration of these areas in accordance with the architectural and public space improvement principles described in Objectives 12 and 13.
  • Through a detailed planning process, define the means for redeveloping the following business and retail areas:
    • Galeries-d’Anjou / Jean-Talon East;
    • Angrignon.
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