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The Cycling Action Plan

The Ville de Montréal has undertaken the development of a Plan d'action vélo (Cycling Action Plan) to be integrated with the Transport Plan, with approval anticipated in 2005. The Cycling Action Plan will touch upon the maintenance, upgrading and development of cycling infrastructure in the City, among other things. It will support “cyclo-tourism” while promoting bicycles as a mode for everyday transportation.

The Plan will also include measures to make the Centre more accessible to cyclists.

The Master Plan identifies existing and potential bikeways that have a City-wide reach: the perimeter bikeway, la Route verte, which links Québec's regions, cross-river links and paths serving major activity areas and the public transit network (see Map 2.2.4). To complement this effort, the Plan supports the integration of Montréal's local bike paths with the City-wide bikeway network.

Implementation measures

  • Implement the Plan d'action vélo (Cycling Action Plan).
  • Complete the City-wide bikeway network, as illustrated in Map 2.2.4.
  • Build new bikeways, particularly to serve the Centre.
  • Incorporate new bikeways in road links to be completed or redesigned.
  • Implement appropriate measures that will encourage safe bicycle travel.
  • Ensure the maintenance of bikeways, thereby extending their season of operation.
  • Bring existing bikeways up to standard.

Design of bicycle parking areas

  • The criteria for designing bicycle parking areas are as follows:
  • Locate parking areas in a sheltered area if outdoors, or inside a building;
  • Locate parking areas near the entrance of buildings, metro stations or train boarding areas;
  • Ensure visibility, adequate lighting and easy access without blocking pedestrian traffic.
  • Install a sufficient number of racks adapted to a number of different bicycle types.
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