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Housing Construction Subsidy Programs

The Ville de Montréal, in partnership with other levels of government, offers the following programs to owners, builders, developers and community and civic groups in the interest of encouraging the construction of new dwellings:

Rénovation Québec

  • Housing creation program
    Supports the creation of housing, including a certain portion that must be affordable for low- and moderate-income households. More precisely, it is aimed at eliminating non-residential buildings that are nuisances to, or otherwise incompatible with, their residential surroundings and replacing them with residences. The program also targets the creation of new housing on vacant lots in designated areas.
  • First time home buyers program
    Facilitates first time home buying and encourages developers to produce affordable housing by providing assistance to purchasers and to tenants who already occupy a rental building with two to five apartments. In addition to direct assistance, this program will have the effect of encouraging developers to build such projects by stimulating the demand for them.

Logement abordable Québec – Private-sector program
Encourages the private-sector construction of new rental units across the City that are affordable to low- and moderate-income households by the private sector. This program supports the transformation of non-residential buildings into residential buildings as well as the construction of new residential buildings. In exchange for the financial assistance provided by the program, the owner agrees to respect certain conditions, particularly measures to keep rents low.

Opération Solidarité 5 000 logements
Targets the construction of 5,000 new social and community housing units for low- or moderate-income households (single persons, families, including seniors losing their independence and special-needs clients). The projects will be carried out by cooperatives, non-profit organizations and the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal, with technical resource groups available to assist non-profits and cooperatives. The operation is buttressed by the following programs:

  • Accès-logis Québec
    Finances development project costs (building acquisition, construction, etc.). Half of the housing units built will be earmarked for households that are eligible for the Rent Supplement Program.
  • Logement abordable Québec – Social and community program
    Finances development project costs. Three quarters of the housing units built will be for low-income households that meet the eligibility criteria for low-income housing.

The City intends to support the construction of a variety of housing units, relying on programs for the financial support of new construction. These units will meet the changing profiles and needs of Montréal households, taking into account the aging population, among other considerations. Other objectives are to provide:

  • Housing units of different sizes and types in order to meet the needs of various household compositions;
  • Rental housing, as well as condominium or single property ownership;
  • Price diversity.
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