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Environmental concerns

The City will ensure that new construction projects will take into account environmental concerns, including:

  • The development of new living environments that meet the conservation and development objectives of ecoterritories (see Objective 16);
  • Sound runoff management, including retention ponds or other catchment works (see Objectives 16 and 17);
  • The implementation of mitigation measures in new residential projects that are located in the vicinity of new sources of nuisances (see Objective 18).
Stimulate housing construction on suitable vacant land

Vacant areas adjacent to existent living environments, which already benefit from public transit and a range of other municipal services, are best-suited for new residential construction. Generally speaking, areas bordered by expressways or other nuisances do not make good candidates for residential development. However, if housing is built in such areas, certain mitigation measures can be taken, such as building a berm, planting trees or erecting a wall.

Much of the potential for residential construction is found in large vacant lots, which require comprehensive planning and subdivision. This is the case for such areas as the eastern and western portion of the Island of Montréal, as well as those on Île des Soeurs and Île Bizard. Some are located within designated ecoterritories, which require special attention in order to protect and enhance their natural heritage.

In addition to these large vacant lots, smaller lots throughout Montréal also have potential residential use. Special care will be required in order to ensure that new buildings on these sites fit harmoniously into the existing fabric.

Implementation measures

  • Plan the large areas to be built using regulatory tools such as Special Planning Programs (SPP) and Comprehensive Development Programs (CDP) in order to shape their development.
  • Introduce programs to support the construction of a wide range of housing units on vacant lots appropriate for residential purposes.
  • Set up a financial aid program to promote the densification of activities in the vicinity of metro stations, commuter train stations and public transportation corridors (see Objective 3).
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