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Preparation and Implementation schedule of the Master plan

June 2002 - Montréal Summit

June 2002 – March 2004
- Preparation of the Draft Version of the Master Plan
- Call for Ideas: "Do you have a plan?"
- Validation by Summit delegation and outside partners
- Consultation process on local issues in each borough

April 2004
- Adoption of the Draft Version of the Master Plan by City Council

May – June 2004
- Public consultation on the Draft Version, conducted by the OCPM

October 2004
- Tabling of the public consultation report
- Finalization of the Plan

November 2004
- Adoption of the Master Plan by City Council

January – December 2005
- Integration of borough documents into the Master Plan
- Adoption of conformity by-laws by borough councils

2005 – 2007
- Elaboration of detailed planning efforts in strategic sectors

- Public study of the progress of implementation of the Master Plan by a City Council commission

Master Plan
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Public consultation on the draft version of the master plan

In April 2004, City Council gave the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (Montréal Public Consultation Office or OCPM) the task of leading the public consultation process on the Draft Version of the Master Plan.

The OCPM held ten information sessions in ten sections of the City between May 17th and June 16th, attracting around 1,000 participants. Later, some two hundred private citizens and representatives of organizations presented their opinions and comments at the public hearings which took place between June 21st and 29th.

The report of the OCPM's commission on the Master Plan was made public on October 12th, 2004.

All documents related to this public consultation process are available on the OCPM website at


« The Master Plan shall become the municipal reference document for any action pertaining to urban development within the City. »

Montréal Summit, June 2002

The Master Plan is the result of a planning and cooperative process initiated at the Montréal Summit in June 2002. The Master Plan presents a planning and development vision for the City, as well as measures for implementing the goals and objectives resulting from that vision.

The Plan deals with issues applying both to Montréal as a whole and to the specific characteristics of the 27 boroughs, which reflect the City’s multi-faceted identity. Indeed, the personality of this great North American city is displayed in the different characteristics of each borough, which gives them a distinctive local colour. As the cultural and economic metropolis of Québec, at the heart of a region of more than three million people, Montréal has succeeded in developing an enviable quality of life.

The boroughs and the various municipal departments have worked together closely in order to produce this document. As such, it is a major landmark in the establishment of the new Ville de Montréal, which was created on January 1st, 2002. The Plan’s preparation also involved a number of government officials and outside partners. The public consultation process gave Montrealers an opportunity to express their point of view concerning the planning and development of their City and borough.

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