Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Foster the development of mixed uses while ensuring their harmonious cohabitation.
2 Improve the Havre’s image as the main gateway to the Central Business District, through high-quality architecture and landscaping and the eventual decorative lighting of the bridges.
3 Relocate the Autoroute Bonaventure corridor, converted to a ground-level urban boulevard, in order to free up the waterfront and improve access to the adjacent area.
4 Serve South Shore residents by developing public transportation modes such as the LRT currently considered by the AMT, an additional commuter train line across the Victoria Bridge or a reserved peak-direction bus lane on the Champlain Bridge.
5 Favour the creation of a public transportation corridor, such as a modern tramway or shuttle connecting Parc Jean-Drapeau, Old Montréal, the Havre, the Quartier des spectacles and Mount Royal.
6 Complete the waterside roadway between Verdun and Old Montréal by developing a public waterfront corridor.
7 Study the link crossing the Peel Basin of the Lachine Canal (in a tunnel or on a new bridge).
8 Promote partnerships between the public and private sectors to ensure heritage preservation and enhancement: industrial heritage (Elevator No. 5, Wellington Basin, Lachine Canal), military heritage (the fort, tower and cemetery), modern heritage (Expo 67) and natural heritage (the woods on Île Sainte-Hélène).
9 Rehabilitate contaminated sites in order to support their development.
Map Havre de Montréal