Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Encourage consolidation of the area by intensifying and diversifying activities near the future metro stations and along Galeries d’Anjou and Jean-Talon East in order to create a lively, active environment that would include recreational, cultural and hotel activities.
2 Favour the establishment of public and institutional facilities as well as new office buildings to complete the range of services offered in the area and review the list of authorized retail activities in order to avoid uses that are incompatible with the area’s desired vocation.
3 Continue high-density residential construction in certain parts of the area.
4 Favour the replacement of outdoor parking lots by underground parking garages as a way to free land for development.
5 Harmonize the design and architecture of new buildings and encourage quality landscaping.
6 Plan the surroundings of the future metro stations, reduce available parking and develop the road network to meet future needs.
7 Apply appropriate public space design guidelines to areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.
8 Review entrances and exits to the various commercial sites.
9 Review and harmonize signage regulations regarding retail establishments, billboards and expressway access signs.
10 Study the possibility of burying the power transmission line along Galeries d’Anjou in order to maximize construction potential.
Map Galeries d’Anjou / Jean Talon East