Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Support, by means of appropriate regulatory tools, the intensification and diversification of activities in the areas surrounding the metro stations, the new commuter rail station, Jean-Talon West and Décarie.
2 Plan for a new vocation for the Hippodrome site, favouring the diversification and intensification of activities and, where applicable, make improvements to the activity patterns on the land occupied by stores and the Namur park-and-ride.
3 Limit the number of parking spaces in new non-residential construction projects near metro stations.
4 Favour the expansion and development of the Cité scientifique.
5 Plan for new residential development on the west side of the tracks, with appropriate mitigation measures.
6 Provide appropriate water and sewage infrastructure, including retention basins if necessary.
7 Improve access to the area by building new road links, especially in the Cavendish corridor and incorporating appropriate facilities for public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian travel.
8 Improve the urban landscape along the area’s main thoroughfares, including the Autoroute Décarie, Jean-Talon West, Royalmount/De La Savane and Côte-de-Liesse, with high-quality design and architecture.
9 Mitigate noise from the Autoroute Décarie through appropriate means such as noise-absorbing screens on the expressway’s walls.
10 Mitigate the environmental nuisances generated by the snow disposal site.
11 Improve the visibility of the Cité scientifique and the area’s industrial parks through adequate signage.
12 Reconfigure road intersections, improve the safety of pedestrian links to metro stations and widen the Autoroute Décarie overpasses.
Map Décarie/Cavendish/Jean Talon West