Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Design a prestigious City gateway by improving the quality of its architecture and landscape as well as the configuration of roads.
2 Support redevelopment of the employment area bounded by highways 20 and 520 and Orly, by taking advantage of the planned reconfiguration of the Dorval traffic circle and particularly by redesigning certain blocks in order to favour new business activities.
3 Develop underused sites, particularly parking lots, by intensifying activities and erecting buildings of high architectural quality, whose density will be in line with the area’s intended role.
4 Redesign the Dorval interchange and the traffic circle to improve traffic flow and ease spatial orientation while minimizing spillover onto local streets.
5 Create a rail shuttle linking the airport with Central Station.
6 Control the impact of air cargo operations, especially those involving trucking.
7 Protect and improve the architectural quality of the main airport terminal building.
Map Airport surroundings