Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Develop the area in part for employment purposes and create a new medium-density residential environment along the Lachine Canal.
2 Define a new vocation for Saint-Joseph compatible with the projected character of the area.
3 Enhance the railway right-of-way on Victoria and consider connecting the Canal bikeway to that on De Maisonneuve.
4 Study the possibility of extending Victoria eastward.
5 Integrate the projected street grid with the existing urban form.
6 Improve traffic flow along chemin du Musée.
7 Study the possibility of establishing a public transportation service, such as a modern tramway, light rail system or shuttle bus, running along the Canal from the Old Port to Lachine.
8 Complete the waterside roadway and bikeway network on either side of the Lachine Canal.
9 Enhance the area’s industrial heritage.
Map East Lachine