Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Favour the conversion to mixed uses (including housing, offices and retail stores) of the vacant or underused sites in certain parts of the area, for example in the East Lachine Detailed Planning Area and east of Autoroute 15.
2 Encourage the maintenance and consolidation of economic activity in certain parts of the area, especially the Cabot district and between the CP-Rockfield railway bridge and Autoroute15.
3 Support the rehabilitation of contaminated sites in order to allow their development.
4 Respect the character of the built environment that is representative of each part of the area, by favouring quality architecture and urban design that is adapted to its environment.
5 Improve access to isolated sites and reinforce links between the neighbourhoods located on either side of the Canal.
6 Consider developing a public transportation link along the Canal between the Old Port and the Borough of Lachine.
7 Undertake intensive and integrated action in living environments to be revitalized, particularly by improving the quality of housing and the interface between heavy industry and the expressway network.
8 Evaluate the relocation of certain enterprises that are incompatible with their surroundings.
9 In partnership with Parks Canada, complete the improvement of the Lachine Canal (parks, public spaces, pedestrian trails and bikeways), while giving special attention to public access to the Canal and the enhancement of the basins.
10 Design the public realm along the Canal in order to facilitate pedestrian, bicycle, public transportation and automobile travel.
11 Foster the preservation of buildings and equipment of heritage value and take the archaeological potential of the area into account when carrying out excavation work to ensure the preservation or documentation of archaeological finds.
Map Lachine Canal