Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

Turcot :

1 Define and implement an urban planning concept and a development strategy.
2 Evaluate soil conditions and estimate soil rehabilitation costs.
3 Analyze the possibility of relocating the existing railway and expressway closer to the escarpment in order to improve the site’s access to the existing road network and its development potential. Otherwise, reconfigure or modify the main intersections and consider extending Irwin Street to the site in order to provide access from Notre-Dame or Saint-Patrick streets.
4 Ensure adequate public transportation service.
5 Favour a relatively dense built environment and the establishment of job-creating industrial firms.
6 Ensure quality architecture.
7 Develop and implement a plan to protect and enhance the Saint-Jacques escarpment, particularly with respect to erosion.

Glen :

1 Support the establishment of the McGill University Hospital Centre (MUHC) on the western part of the site and develop the eastern part of the site for residential use while respecting the character of the neighbouring areas.
2 Improve the site’s accessibility to improve public safety (study various road redevelopment options, including the possibility of moving a section of Saint-Jacques toward the base of the escarpment).
3 Ensure quality architecture and preserve certain views of Mount Royal and the river.
4 Ensure an appropriate density and mix of uses in the vicinity of the Vendôme intermodal station.
5 Integrate the urban fabric of residential development with neighbouring areas.
6 Favour the construction of new public spaces that take advantage of the different views from the escarpment.
Map Glen and Turcot sites