Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Refine protection and enhancement measures based on the specific characteristics of the area, especially with respect to the natural environment.
2 Maintain control of new construction and landscaping on both public and private property (buildings, mausoleums, telecommunications equipment, etc.) in order to ensure their harmonious integration.
3 Protect the forested areas on the Mountain’s summits and slopes (areas made up of three different strata: grass, shrubs and trees).
4 Protect and enhance broad vistas and certain views towards and from Mount Royal (see Objective 11).
5 Improve pedestrian and bicycle access and restore links between the Mountain and its adjacent areas, especially through the redesign of the Parc/Pins and Rememberance/Côte-des-Neiges interchanges.
6 Improve public transportation and access for tourists, for example by studying the possibility of establishing a new public transportation route to the Quartier des spectacles, the Old Port and Jean-Drapeau Park.
Map Mount Royal