Master Plan Fermer

Planning guidelines

1 Develop the underused sites on Laurentien, favouring housing as well as complementary retail and community facilities.
2 Support medium-density mixed-use development near the Bois-Franc commuter train station.
3 Favour reorganizing certain blocks on Laurentien to facilitate their development and to improve the image of this City gateway.
4 Consider relocating the Hydro-Québec substation and overhead power line located immediately east of the area in order to support its development.
5 Control new construction on Laurentien to ensure better architectural quality and reduce off-street parking in front of buildings.
6 Improve the quality of public spaces on Laurentien in order to make it safer and more pleasant, notably by favouring tree planting, the creation of green spaces, sufficiently wide sidewalks and quality street furniture.
7 Control commercial signage and billboards in order to limit their visual impact on Laurentien and Gouin West.
8 Take concerted and integrated action on the area to be revitalized in order to improve the quality of housing as well as the interface between residential areas, the railway and Laurentien.
9 Consolidate retail activities near Gouin West.
10 Reconvert Lachapelle to a local thoroughfare.
11 Add bikeways to the area in order to improve links to the rest of Montréal’s bikeway network.
12 Enhance features of the waterside roadway, including the heritage buildings on Gouin West and the views of Rivière des Prairies.
Map Laurentien / Lachapelle / Marcel-Laurin