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Food Scraps Collection (Brown Bin)

Pilot Project - Sector 4: Rue Melrose to rue Stephens

In June 2011, the Borough set up a pilot project to collect food scraps in Sector 4, bounded by rue Melrose and rue Stephens, between boulevard Champlain and boulevard LaSalle. The purpose of this specific collection is to:

  • cut down on the volume of household waste
  • give this waste a new lease on life, as it will be used to produce compost
  • protect the environment

The food scraps collection is carried out on Thursdays—the same day as the garbage and recycling collections in this area.

Please note that this pilot project is being carried out on a voluntary basis and is solely for buildings with eight dwelling units and less in this area. Commercial establishments, institutions and buildings with nine units and over are therefore not eligible to take part. Eventually, a food scraps collection might be offered in other areas of the Borough or for other categories of buildings; however, for the time being, no target dates have been set in this regard.

Participation procedures

To take part in this collection, residents must order a 47-litre brown bin and a 7-litre kitchen bin, either by clicking on the link below or by phoning 311. Bins will be delivered within a reasonable amount of time; the orders are processed on a gradual basis, as they are received. As soon as residents obtain their bins, they may start taking part in the food scraps collection.

Order your bins online

Information and Compostable Bags

At the same time as their bins, residents will receive a kit consisting of the following items:

*To obtain additional bags, residents may phone 311 or La Maison de l’environnement at 514 765-VERT (8378), to find out where they can buy them.

What materials are and aren't accepted

The list of what materials are and aren't accepted in the food scraps collection may be found in the document: "Food Scraps Collection – Sector 4 – Rue Melrose to Stephens" mentionned above or in the 311 database file (in French) on this topic.

Collection day

Thursdays—the same day as the garbage and recycling collections in this area

Time and location

Between 10 p.m. the day before and 8 a.m. the day of the collection

Brown bins must be placed at the outer limits of the property, next to the sidewalk, or in the driveway, facing the house.

Broken or stolen bin?

To obtain a new bin, please phone the Bureau Accès Verdun at 311.


Additional information on this collection may be found in the 311 database file (in French) on this topic, or by contacting La Maison de l'environnement at 514 765-VERT (8378) or by phoning 311.