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Urban planning

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Urban planning


The borough has six inspectors who cruise its streets each day. Each inspector is assigned to a specific sector to best respond to resident needs. Inspectors:

  • Approve plans and work specifications for work performed by residents within the borough.
  • Issue permits and check compliance of the work.
  • Comply with provisions of municipal by-laws (sanitary, maintenance and safety of residential housing units, public nuisances, public peace, etc.).
  • Check on resident complaints and follow-up on such issues.

Problems to resolve?

If you believe the By-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance of dwellings units is not being observed in your building, please take the following steps before lodging a complaint with the borough:

  1. First try to come to an amicable agreement with the non-compliant owner or tenant.
  2. Should that fail, send an official notice by registered mail to the party in question requesting that the problem be fixed within a reasonable time frame. Keep a copy of the letter and your postal receipt.
  3. If, despite all of your efforts, the problem persists, contact the borough so that the inspectors can intervene in order to correct the problem.

Montréal's city inspectors may:

  • Enter and inspect a building or dwelling unit.
  • Require an assessment.
  • Require corrective measures.
  • Impose fines.
  • Correct non-compliant situations.
  • Evacuate and close unsafe dwellings.

You have a request contact:

Accès Verdun Office
4555 rue de Verdun, Suite 104
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Telephone: 311