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History and Heritage

History - Monuments


Located in Parc Labelle, at the intersection of rue Henri-Duhamel and rue de Verdun. This work of sculpture pays tribute to Verdun's history and to its geographic situation. It represents the past, the present and the future. Artist: Dominique Valade (1985). Photo by: Isabelle Laporte

Le tailleur de pierre (The Stone Cutter)

Located on the waterfront of the Saint.Lawrence River, this sculpture pays tribute to anonymous sculptors that build the Nouvelle-France (New France), to artists and heritage restorers. Artist: Germain Bergeron (1990). Photo by: Lucie Bienvenue (2003)

Plaque in honour of Zacharie Dupuis

Situated at the intersection of rue Argyle and rue Wellington on the central divider strip. Plaque in honour of the man who became owner of the Fief of Verdun in 1667.

Mémorial de la Victoire (The Victory Memorial)

Located in Parc Souvenir, between the borough offices and the Verdun subway station, this monument pays tribute to Verdun residents fallen in the First World War (1914-1918).

La Naissance (The Birth)

Situated in front of the Verdun Cultural Centre, the metal basket symbolizes captivity or the asset to be protected. Artist: Claude Millette (1993). Photo by: Bruno Remy (2003)

La Femme fontaine (The Woman-Fountain)

Situated in front of the Verdun Cultural Centre, this stone sculpture was acquired by Verdun in 1967 during a show by the artist in the Cultural Centre. Artist: Roger Cavalier (1967).

Le cycliste (The Cyclist)

Situated in West Vancouver Park on L'Île-des-Soeurs neibourhood, this sculpture pays tribute to the 25 km of bike paths winding through the borough of Verdun. Artist: Germain Bergeron (1990). Photo by: Bruno Remy (2003)

La capsule

Located on rue Berlioz, in L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood, there is a plaque on a five-tonne rock that reads, “1967- 2067.” The capsule was sealed in 1967, to be opened in 2067. The capsule contains newspaper clippings from 1867 and 1967, information on resident lifestyles and pictures of what buildings might look like in 2067.

Porte de l'avenir (The Door of the Future)

Facing Elgar Community Centre, on L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood. This sculpture was produced by Roger Langevin in tribute to the transition to the year 2000. Photo by: Alain Chassé

Carrousel de l'île

Located in the center of the Boulevard René-Lévesque roundabout on L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood. The Carrousel consists of 12 scenes that are illustrating human relationships from two notions: the island and the archipelago. Artist: Michel Goulet (2005). Photo by: Denis Labine (2003)


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