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Local Economic Development

Local Development Commissioner

The development commissioner works to sustain Verdun's local economic vitality. He takes specific actions and acquires the necessary tools to respond to the various needs of the borough's businesses and business associations.

All Sectors Combined

Whether they pertain to the service, commercial, manufacturing, industrial or institutional sector, development projects contribute to the borough's vitality. The development commissioner can advise you and support you in carrying out such projects.

  • The commissioner facilitates projects by highlighting Verdun's assets and benefits as a home for new businesses.
  • The commissioner remains abreast of market development and of business opportunities in general.
  • The commissioner provides assistance to investors by supporting them in exploratory visits, in their search for facilities and in setting up new places of business.
  • The commissioner also plays a role in the development of commercial thoroughfares and for the recreational and tourist sectors.
  • The commissioner provides information and guidance in preparing and channelling requests for financial assistance to the various levels of government and to economic development partners.
  • The commissioner ensures that city departments follow up on such files.

Your contact within the borough

The development commissioner can walk you through the procedures of various city bodies and borough services to facilitate the efforts of businesses and of business people and to speed up such service.
The commissioner can also act as an intermediary and assist you in accordance with your needs to forge links with the various stakeholders involved in economic, commercial and community development. The commissioner has created networks and partnerships that are designed to provide businesses and business people with access to additional expertise and financing tailored to their needs.

Support for economic forces

The development commissioner offers a host of services to ensure Verdun's development and to enhance its growth and influence.


Alain Laroche
Local Development Commissioner
4555 rue de Verdun, Suite 109
Verdun, QC H4G 1M4
Telephone: 514 765-7262
Fax: 514 765-7114