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Rules and Regulations

Nuisances and Public Peace

Unauthorized Posting

Avoid putting up posters in the borough’s public places, sign or lampposts and other urban fixtures.


The clotheslines are allowed only in the back court of a residential building. However, they are prohibited in L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood. In the districts of Wellington–De-l'Église and Desmarchais-Crawford, they are allowed in the front court in the condition that a minimal distance of ten meters (10 m) of the line of property is respected. In addition, it is interdict to extend in some way that it is the linen on a balcony, a perron, a gallery in frontage of the buildings.

The slope of a post of clothesline cannot in no case to be lower than 75 degrees. It must be in good condition and firmly fixed in the ground. 


It is illegal to pour tainted water, petroleum or chemical products or any other product of a foul, flammable, hazardous or destructive nature in a ditch, canal, sewer, street, lane, park and green space or on a municipal building.

It is forbidden to ride a bicycle in pedestrian tunnels, on sidewalks, in parks or playgrounds as well as parking lots, except to access or leave these areas.

You cannot chain your bicycle to a parking meter, a lamppost, and the stake of a tree or any other urban fixture, except for bicycle racks provided for that purpose. The same applies for trees. Tying your bicycle to a tree might seem practical, but it is not environment-friendly. Tree trunks get injured and trees eventually decline and die.


It is prohibited to discard, throw or deposit trash, earth, grass, wood, building materials, animal excrement or any other object on a street, lane, sidewalk, bike or walking trail, in a public square, park or green space, on public or private property other than your own, as well as in the wooded area on L’Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood.

Maintaining your property

Poisonous plants and plants hazardous to human health and safety must be removed. This rule also applies to ragweed. Besides, property must be kept free of trash, stored materials, automobile hulks and foul-smelling substances.

Furthermore, lawns must be regularly trimmed so that the grass is no more than 15 cm (6”) in height.

In spring, air the lawn (in a ground rich in organic matter, the ground worms do the work free). If necessary, remove stubbles it with the rake, but not before the lawn began again well. Put a fine layer of compost on all surface and sow the sparse places as soon as the temperature is maintained above 15 degrees.

In summer, not to mow too close-cropped. Cut the grass to 6 - 8 cm (2,5 to 3 inches) when the weather is hot (the adjustment highest of the mower). Do not collect the cut grass. It will break up quickly and the nitrogen which it contains will contribute to nourish the lawn. Instead of filling the dumps unnecessarily, leave it on the lawn. Sprinkle once per week, in-depth. As there is not any biological weedkiller, maintain the grass longer in order to prevent the dandelions from developing. If need be, weed with the hand, progressively.

In the event of misfortune… In many cases, the damage which cause the insects embarrasses much more the gardener that the plants. However, if a major infestation were to be stopped, it is necessary to obtain a licence and an authorization before being able to use a pesticide. Click on the bond “Pesticide” in the left-hand column, under “See also”.


It is prohibited to draw graffiti or to apply copy, engrave or trace signs or messages on a building. Such actions are considered criminal, and offenders are liable to severe fines.

Because the borough is sensitive to the degradation of its urban landscape and to the impact graffiti is having on people’s feeling of safety, the battle against graffiti has been placed at the top of its priority list. Over the last few years, a special budget has been earmarked for the removal of graffiti from private as well as public property. Do not hesitate to call us whenever you spot graffiti. Combined with these swift-cleaning efforts, specific projects aimed at prevention at the source, street proofing and social development have been implemented among young people.