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Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Charter on the Proper Conduct for Household Pet Owners

On May 3, 2011, through the Verdun Borough's concern for respect toward animal life, Borough Council adopted a Charter on the Proper Conduct for Household Pet Owners, designed to respect the lives of household pets. Please take note that all pet owners who obtain a dog tag for their pet will have to sign a form whereby they agree to abide by the Charter.

Rules on dogs and other animals

Maximum number of animals

It is prohibited to keep in a unit of occupancy and its outbuildings more than one cat, dog or rabbit that hasn't been sterilized (neutered or spayed) and hasn't been vaccinated, except at a veterinary hospital or clinic; however, when a dog, cat or rabbit gives birth, the puppies, kittens and baby rabbits may be kept, but only for a period of no more than three (3) months.

Pets allowed

  • Domestic cats
  • Domestic dogs, except for wolf-dog hybrids 
  • Sterilized domestic ferrets 
  • Domestic rabbits 
  • Birds, except for birds of prey, flightless birds and any bird identified in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) 
  • Amphibians, except for poisonous (venomous or toxic) amphibians
  • Reptiles and snakes, except for poisonous (venomous or toxic) ones, crocodilians, sea turtles and snakes in the python or boa family
  • Fish, except for carnivorous and poisonous (venomous and toxic) ones 
  • Small, domestic rodents, except for those identified in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Pet owner’s obligations

  • Make sure that your pet wears its tag and doesn't stray, unless it is a domestic stray cat* (sterilized, vaccinated and wearing a tag issued by the Borough, in accordance with the Bylaw) or unless it is a microchipped cat (with the information stored on the microchip, making it possible to check the ID tag number issued for the cat).
  • Keep watch over your pet at all times. 
  • Prevent it from barking or howling so loud that it disturbs your neighbours' peace and quiet. 
  • Immediately pick up your pet's droppings and dispose of them hygienically. 
  • Always keep your pet on a leash no longer than 1.85 metres.  
  • Don't walk more than two animals at a time on Borough territory, outside a building. 
  • A pet owner who is found with his pet elsewhere than on the grounds of the unit of occupancy where the owner lives must always have tools for hygienically removing and disposing of his pet's droppings. 
  • At all times, a pet owner must maintain control over his dog so that it never runs away from him. 
  • It is prohibited to abandon a household pet other than by entrusting it to a new owner or by placing it in the hands of a competent authority. The charges related to abandoning a household pet are payable by the pet owner, including those related to adopting a pet or putting it to sleep, as the case may be.
  • It is prohibited to leave an animal unattended or to tie it in such a way that it has access to, or winds up in, the right-of-way of a public road.

Animal pound

In the Verdun Borough, municipal animal pound services are provided by the SPCA; however, it is the Borough's Surveillance du Territoire patrol officers who look after stray, dangerous or harmful animals.

The pound also picks up animals whose owners want to dispose of them, and then offers them for adoption or puts them to sleep.

Services offered by the Borough's Surveillance du Territoire patrol officers

  • Home pick-up of a live animal: $40, plus the costs incurred in putting it to sleep, if need be
  • Pick-up of stray or injured animals: free of charge

Surveillance du Territoire

4555, rue de Verdun
Verdun (Québec)
H4G 1M4
514 765-7070

For all cases involving dog bites, please phone 911, as these come under the SPVM.

Wild animals

For public hygiene reasons, it is prohibited to feed pigeons, seagulls and other gulls, crows, ducks or any other birds.

Moreover, a provincial bylaw prohibits all residents from killing or capturing any wildlife, such as squirrels, skunks, foxes and racoons. There are various ways of avoiding their presence around homes. Contact the Ministère de la Faune du Québec for further information.

Dogs in parks

  • Dogs are not allowed to be anywhere other than on private grounds, streets, lanes, walkways, bicycle paths, green spaces, dog runs or parks. They are also prohibited on children's playgrounds.
  • Dogs on a leash are permitted on waterfront areas, including the L’Île-des-Sœurs park by the water, but only along the walking trails. 
  • Dogs with or without a leash are prohibited on Domaine Saint-Paul (L’Île-des-Sœurs woodlands).

Lost animals

To report an animal (dog or cat) that has been lost or found in a borough, phone the Bureau Accès Verdun at 311.

Dead animals

It is prohibited to bury an animal in a building, on public or private grounds. An animal must be placed in a box and the Bureau Accès Verdun must be contacted at 311; a municipal employee will then come and pick up the box left at the curb.