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Commercial Occupancy - Commercial Signs Certificate

Do you wish to erect, expand, rebuild, modify, relocate, attach, install, complete or paint a sign within the borough of Verdun ? You must start by obtaining a sign certificate.*

*A site development and architectural integration plan (PIIA) is required before you apply for a sign certificate in the following cases:

  • Non-standard sign.
  • Sign not attached to building.
  • Any sign on Rue Wellington or Rue de l'Église.

Documents and information required for PIIA approval

  • The last name, the first name, the address and the name of any individual or legal entity operating or using the establishment for which an application is made as well as the last name, the first name and the address of any agent of representative.
  • The last name, the first name and the address of the owner of the building on which the sign is to be installed.
  • The last name and the address of the contractor responsible for installing the sign.
  • Breakdown of materials to be used, colours, type of lighting and method of securing the sign.
  • A scale plan in 10 copies on paper, illustrating:
    • The size and area of the sign that is the subject of the PIIA request, as well as the size and surface area of any other sign already installed on the building.
    • The height of the sign with respect to the sign's mean elevation above ground level.
    • Registration appearing on each side of the sign.
    • The dimensions and details of the façade on which the sign is to be installed and the precise location of this sign and of any previously installed sign.
  • Photos taken from the front, showing the façade on which the sign is to be installed, along with façades of neighbouring buildings.
  • Photos taken up and down the street showing the various other signs displayed and the general environment of the section of the street in which the sign is to be installed.
  • A photomontage or visual simulation showing the façade, the new sign and any existing sign that is to be maintained.

Documents and information required for a sign certificate application

  • Commercial certificate of occupancy complying with municipal regulations.
  • The last and first names and address of the owner (or the latter's representative) of the use or of the establishment covered by the application.
  • The last and first name and address of the contractor who will perform the installation.
  • Details of any planned structure.
  • The application shall also be accompanied by the following documents:
    • Two copies of scale plans illustrating the general dimensions and area of the display, its height above mean ground level, the design that will appear on it (illustration and lettering) as well as the method by which the sign is to be secured to the building or to the ground.
  • In the case of a sign mounted on a post or on a small wall, a scale plan showing the boundaries of any right of way of a public street, and any property boundaries for the lot on which the sign is to be erected and the location of the sign on the lot in relation to any other structure present on it.
  • In the case of a sign on a building or on a structure, a scale plans revealing the full width of the building's façade and the precise location of the sign.
  • Identification of all materials, the lighting method and the method for securing the sign to its support structure.
  • The number of photographs, taken within the 30 days of the application date, necessary to show:
    • The exterior appearance of the building on which the sign is installed.
    • Any portion of building wall that is visible from the outside.
    • Any other sign present at the time of the application.


PIIA approval: no charge

Sign certificate depending on the size of the sign or of the billboard: see rates section

Installation or modification of a billboard: see rates section

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