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Tags for dogs and cats

dog and cat


 Owners of dogs or cats have certain responsibilities, and must be aware of the following:

Maximum number of house pets

It is prohibited to keep, in one and the same dwelling, more than one dog, cat or rabbit that has not been sterilized (neutered or spayed) or vaccinated, unless the animal has just given birth. In such cases, the litter of puppies, kittens or rabbits may be kept for no more than 90 days.

A tag for each pet

It is prohibited to keep a puppy or kitten of more than 90 days old without registering it and obtaining a tag. A tag must be obtained within fifteen (15) days of acquiring the animal or after the day when the animal reaches the age of three (3) months, whichever time is longer. Aside from a microchipped cat (given the fact that the information stored on the microchip makes it possible to check the ID tag number issued for such cats), every dog and cat must always wear an I.D. tag issued by the Borough.

Period of validity

These tags are valid January 1 – December 31 of each year.

2012 rates:
Sterilized dog:  $20
Unsterilized dog: $50
Sterilized cat:  Free
Unsterilized cat:  $25
Proof of sterilization must be submitted with the tag application; otherwise, the "unsterilized" rate will be applied.

There will be a $5 charge to replace a pet's lost or stolen tag, except in the case of a seeing-eye (guide) dog for a visually-impaired owner.
Proof that the tag is valid for the current year will need to be provided as well.
There will be a $5 charge to transfer a pet's registration from one Borough to the other.
Pet owners will be required to show proof that the tag from the Borough that issued it is valid for the current year.

To apply for a tag for your pet, you may:

  • Go to Bureau Accès Verdun (4555, rue de Verdun, suite 104), or 
  • Go to one of our partners, or
  • Download the form from our website. Once completed, the form may be brought to one of our community centres or to the Centre culturel. Your application will be forwarded to the Bureau Accès Verdun through the Borough's internal mail system. 

Application forms

Once a tag has been issued, and within 30 days after any of the following events have occurred, owners of dogs or cats must notify the Borough of any address-related changes or if the pet has disappeared, died, been given away or sold.

These tags are sold ONLY at the following location:

  • Bureau Accès Verdun
    4555, rue de Verdun, suite 104
    tel.: 311


Our partners no longer sell these tags; however, you may obtain full documentation on applications at:

  • Centre Marcel-Giroux
    4501, rue Bannantyne
    514 765-7150

  • Centre communautaire Elgar
    260, rue Elgar
    514 765-7270

  • Centre culturel de Verdun
    5955, rue Bannantyne
    514 765-7100

  • Clinique vétérinaire de l'Île
    4, Place du Commerce, suite 102
    514 766-8181

  • Hôpital vétérinaire de l'Église
    700, rue de l'Église
    514 761-5451

  • Animalerie Joly inc. (Chico)
    3929, rue Wellington
    514 767-8455

  • Coquette et Finegueule
    5203, rue Bannantyne
    514 761-4221

  • Le Chic Canin
    5887, rue Bannantyne
    514 762-3363

  • Croque en Bol
    4702, rue Wellington
    514 762-0934

  • Mtl K911 Transport Urgence inc.
    700, rue Riverview
    514 677-4357 (HELP)

For further information, phone 311.