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Permits and certificates

Fence, Stone Wall, Hedge

No permit is required to install a fence, hedge or small wall, but the following rules must be observed.


  • Front yard : An ornamental iron fence installed on the façade of a building located between the northern limits of the Borough and the southern limits of the lots bordering Rue Stephens must be preserved and maintained in good condition .  A fence installed on the façade must be made of decorative, open work wrought iron of the same colour as the balustrade installed on the façade of the building. The fence must be erected at a minimum distance of 45 cm from the sidewalk, and its height, at 1.20 metres. If the fence is located at least 10 metres from the front lot line, a height of up to 1.85 metres is allowable. A hedge is authorized along the façade without any height restriction.

  • Sideyard or backyard : A fence, hedge or low wall in the sideyard or backyard of the building are allowed, with authorized materials. The maximum height is 1.85 metres and an add-on of 60 cm is allowable, depending on the type of fence or low wall installed.

  • No fence or small wall may be installed within 1 m of a fire hydrant . No hedge may be planted within 1.2 m of the hydrant.

  • Grounds located at a street corner: The office of the Borough's Direction de l'aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises must be contacted to find out the bylaw details, depending on the location of the fence.

  • The maximum height authorized for the posts of a fence, including decorative components, is fifteen centimetres (15 cm) higher than the components located between the posts.

  • Nuns' Island neighbourhood: Fences and low walls must be built of authorized permanent materials, according to special provisions, particularly with regard to colour.

  • The two owners must agree before a boundary fence is erected along the boundary between two private properties, pursuant to article 1005 of the Civil Code of Québec.

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