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Street Parking Rules

Parking sign

Two seasons, two parking schedules - Dynamic Sign System

Verdun's parking signs provide two maintenance schedules.

  • Summer
    From April 1 to October 31.
    No parking for a period of about two hours. Parking is forbidden during the posted times, even if the street sweeper has already passed, because other work may also be scheduled during that same period.

  • Winter
    From November 1 to March 31
    It is the winter schedule that is in force. In Verdun, an innovative telephone system associated with the sign allows motorists to park their vehicle during no-parking hours if no maintenance work has been scheduled, such as snow removal, spreading abrasives, de-icing, removal of fallen leaves, etc.

Special note

You may park your car on certain streets in Verdun during the winter if no road maintenance or snow removal work is planned. To learn if you can park during the no parking period, call the red telephone number appearing on the parking sign under the notice “Sauf avis contraire” (unless otherwise indicated).

For the following streets, call 514-765-7111:

  • Boulevard Champlain, rue Bannantyne, rue de Verdun, boulevard LaSalle, rue Dupuis
  • Rue Wellington (between rue May and boulevard LaSalle)
  • Rue Hickson (between rue Évangéline and rue Bannantyne)
  • Rue de l'Église (between rue de Verdun and rue Évangéline)
  • Boulevard Gaétan-Laberge
  • Boulevard René-Lévesque

For all other streets, call 514-765-7222

A recording will advise you of the following day's parking rules each day as of  5 p.m. If there is no telephone number on the sign, parking rules must be observed at all times.

Orange signs

Orange signs are temporarily installed to permit faster snow removal. Parking regulations posted on such signs must be strictly observed. Orange signs are installed on Wednesdays or weekends on the following streets, and occasionally on certain other streets and parking lots:

  • Boulevard Champlain
  • Rue Bannantyne
  • Rue de Verdun
  • Boulevard LaSalle
  • Rue Dupuis
  • Rue Wellington (between rue May and boulevard LaSalle)
  • Rue Hickson (between rue Évangéline and rue Bannantyne)
  • Rue de l'Église (between rue de Verdun and rue Évangéline)