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Community Gardens

A community garden in the borough of Verdun. Three organizations jointly manage Verdun’s community gardens. Contact the organization closest to you to register.

Fees apply for the rental of a small garden plot during the season, which runs from May to October. Owing to high demand, there are waiting lists every year. Registration starts in April.

La Société d’horticulture de L’Île-des-Sœurs

260 Rue Elgar
Verdun (Québec) H3E 1C9

Community gardens with 200 small garden plots at Parc Adrien-D.-Archambault

Information  : Centre communautaire Elgar
Telephone: 514-765-7270

La Société d’horticulture de Verdun

652 Rue Moffat
Verdun  (Québec) H4H 1Y8

Information : Pierre-Paul Cusson
Telephone: 514-740-0453

Community gardens with 180 small garden plots on the grounds of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Les Pouces Verts

4501 Avenue Bannantyne
Verdun (Québec)  H4G 1E3

Information : John Beales
Telephone: 514-600-1004

Community gardens with about 100 small garden plots, close to the Manoir de Verdun and the École de cirque de Verdun