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Local Mobility Plan

The Local Mobility Plan is a planning document intended to inform transportation decisions in the borough of Verdun for the next five years.
The plan draws a portrait of the problems and issues faced in transportation, then focuses on actions to be taken in three areas: 

  • Transportation safety and quality of life
  • Active transportation and public transit
  • The road network and parking

Through public consultations in neighbourhoods, online, and in schools, three priorities quickly emerged:

  • Safety in the vicinity of schools
  • Improving the bike path network
  • Harmonious cohabitation between users

These are now the borough’s priorities.
Eventually, the plan will increase safety for everyone and encourage the use of both active transportation and public transit thanks to its innovative proposals, play-oriented initiatives, and pilot projects.
The local mobility plan is available here.

2018 Report

This report presents the results of the actions carried out during the first year of implementation of the Plan. In 2018, the Borough devoted a lot of effort and energy to increasing the safety of surroundings near its schools and its bicycle network. A number of enhancements were also completed along the streets to improve residents' quality of life, including new trees and plants.