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Strategic Development Plan

Year Four Report (2018)

In the fourth year of implementation of its 2015-2025 strategic development plan, Verdun can once again claim success. With 118 priority actions implemented out of the 133 planned, this represents an implementation rate of 89% in 2018. To be precise: 96 actions were completed; 22 actions were partially implemented, and 15 actions were delayed or postponed. Also, 9 actions were completed before 2018.

Year Three Report (2017)

In the third year of implementation of its 2015-2025 strategic development plan, Verdun can once again claim success. With 124 priority actions implemented out of the 133 planned, this represents an implementation rate of 93% in 2017. To be precise: 100 actions were completed; 24 actions were partially implemented, and nine actions were delayed or postponed.

Year Two Report (2016)

In the second year of implementation of its 2015-2025 strategic development plan, Verdun can once again claim success. With 121 priority actions implemented out of the 127 planned, this represents an implementation rate of 95% in 2016. Remember that the rate was 93% in 2015. To be precise: 93 actions were completed and their objectives fulfilled; 28 actions were partially implemented, and six actions were delayed or postponed.
Among the noteworthy achievements of 2016 are the creation of a new visual identity and the pursuit of equality of opportunity, notably with the local action plan to improve the supply of, and access to, affordable housing, and the local action plan for universal accessibility. In other areas, the development of Verdun’s urban beach, the building of a new cultural venue, the presentation of major cycling and sporting events, as well as our cleanliness campaign, speak to the great work Verdun accomplished in 2016.

Year One Report (2015)

In its report to council, the administration draws a positive portrait of the first year of implementation of the 2015-2025 strategic development plan. With 104 priority actions implemented out of the 111 planned, this represents an implementation rate of 93% in 2015. To be precise: 74 actions were completed and their objectives fulfilled; 30 actions were partially implemented, and seven actions were postponed.

Among the most important achievements in 2015, we should mention the opening of the skatepark in Parc Arthur-Therrien, the installment of a dock at Pointe-Nord on Nun’s Island, the building of a footpath along the river, and the adoption of a buy-local policy. In terms of entertainment, last year the borough held a winter carnival and the event Piano public au diapason. In other news, five establishments obtained permits to serve alcoholic beverages under the new by-law adopted by the borough in 2014.


Strategic plan - Plan


Changing course

Figure 1 : Panonceaux

Verdun has undergone numerous changes in recent years. An exceptional living environment close to the river, today the borough is home to younger, more educated, but still very urban population. Verdun features a major riverside park, a vibrant historic and architectural heritage, an urban layout centred on sustainable development (metro, active transportation, community gardens), and an emerging restaurant scene along a bustling commercial thoroughfare (terraces, restaurants, events). The borough is now a safe area that draws more and more young families.
Nevertheless, Verdun faces several challenges. Many municipal services are lacking: the borough has no public indoor pool, no professional cultural venue, and no cultural centre. The Auditorium needs major renovations and only two libraries serve the borough’s 66,158 residents. As for traffic, construction on the Champlain Bridge and Turcot Interchange has meant increased congestion, which affects Nun’s Island in particular. To better meet these challenges, Mayor Jean-François Parenteau and his team wish to consult Verdun’s residents.
It has already been 20 years since the last consultation of this type. The public consultations on May 30 and 31 were thus an opportunity to mobilize a great number of residents, organizations, and businesses. Municipal employees were also involved in the deliberations. In addition, discussion groups, surveys, and meetings with target groups were held. The May 2014 public consultation marks an important change of direction within the borough administration, centred on transparency and accountability.
The new strategic plan will be an opportunity to generate new momentum towards a better future.


The borough’s mission is to offer accessible, high-quality services in an effective manner according to the principles of sound financial management, thereby improving and preserving the quality of its residents’ living environment.


Borough council is intent on building and preparing Verdun for the future. This means helping build:

  • a borough that acts as a catalyst for the community as a whole (residents, merchants, community organizations, etc.) so that everyone can fully participate in defining its living environment;
  • a borough that keeps its own personality while strengthening its ties with Montréal, and that is characterized by a strong sense of belonging in all its neighbourhoods;
  • a borough oriented towards the river, where quality of life is synonymous with access to exceptional natural spaces, high-quality services, and social and generational diversity;
  • an inclusive, lively, high-quality living environment combining heritage and culture.


Elected officials who listen to residents and communicate in a proactive manner.
An accountable team that represents all residents.
Responsible, transparent, rigorous, and honest management.
Actions that are guided by pride in who we are, and that strengthen our sense of belonging to Verdun.


The strategic plan is made up of four areas of development, 13 policy guidelines, 40 strategic objectives and numerous actions.
The four development areas cover all components of administration and our mission as a borough, be it the living environment (social aspect), the built environment (environmental aspect), the economy and the management of the borough.
Each of the four development areas is made up of strategic policy guidelines. These policy guidelines lay out the direction in which the present council intends to steer the borough over the next decade. They embody the values and the long-term (10 year) vision of the borough.
In order to be put into practice, each of these policy guidelines comes with its own objectives and actions, which can be achieved in the medium term (five years). Together, the strategic objectives and actions make up the core of the strategic plan.
Each objective will come with indicators making it possible to track its implementation and the performance of the borough. The actions themselves will come with a precise schedule (one to three years) and will be subject to changes stemming from the borough’s annual follow-up reports.
After five years, a mid-term report will allow us to re-evaluate the relevance of the policy guidelines and the objectives underpinning them in order to ensure that Verdun stays the course in implementing its vision.

Preliminary version of the strategic plan- Full document


Results of the public consultation

Video clips from the public consultation on May 30, 2014

Documents presented at the public consultation


Take a look at the program for the two days of public consultation.

  • Program [177 ko - 1 page] (in French only)

Nine important projects were discussed during each day of consultation. 

To find out more

Watch a video of the public consultation (in French only)

A word from our spokeswoman, Ms. Isabelle Maréchal, and from the mayor of Verdun, Mr. Jean-François Parenteau.

Presentation on the approach taken during the formulation of the borough’s new strategic development plan.

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