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Public property occupancy permit

A public property occupancy permit is required to temporarily block a street, alleyway or sidewalk to execute work, shoot a film, place a container, assemble scaffolding or even reserve a space for a moving truck.

***PLEASE NOTE : In accordance with the government directives, Montréal closes temporarily all its Accès Montréal Offices and permit counters. Presently, and until further notice, we only accept demands by email.***

Application procedure

Please fill the relevent form below and forward it by email to at least two business days before the required occupancy date.


You may also apply for this permit in person (please have your filled form in hand) by going to the Division des études techniques at :

4555, rue de Verdun, bureau 208
Opening hours


Please note !

When work is done by a contractor, it is the latter that has to apply for the public property occupancy permit, and not his client. Please put your NEQ number on the form.

The public property occupancy permit holder is responsible for installing the proper road signage, in accordance with the Règlement sur la sécurité routière. A signage scheme, signed and sealed by an engineer, could be requested. The permit holder also has to transmit the formulaire de pose de panneaux (follow the instructions at the bottom fo the form). If the form is not transmitted, the towing of vehicules illegally parked in the reserved zone will not be possible.

Note that the road signage has to be removed immediately after the expiry of the permit.



Fees vary according to the duration and type of occupancy as well as the area spanned by the public property occupied. For information purposes, you can consult our fee schedule below.