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Urban Advisory Committee (UAC)

With the coming-into-force of Québec’s Act respecting land use planning and development, municipalities were asked to step up their actions in the area of land use planning. In order to meet a growing variety of concerns, municipal councils must gain an in-depth knowledge of urban planning files and consult multiple stakeholders. In this context, the UAC is an effective tool that be used to better address public needs.

The IAC does does not hold decision-making power. Its mandate is to review requests for minor exemptions to zoning and subdivision by-laws, for exemptions from the ban on the conversion of an immovable into divided co-ownership, and for approval of a Site Development and Architectural Integration Plan (PIIA) related to construction, demolition, expansion, signage, antennas, etc.

The UIA may discuss a range of municipal concerns related to land use management, including urban development, zoning changes, location of equipment, urban planning priorities, etc.

Formed more than 16 years ago, the Verdun IAC is made up of eight members: four citizens, three elected officials, and the borough mayor.

The table below indicates the applicable document submission dates.

2018 Calendar

Calendrier 2018

The document submission deadlines are indicated for information purposes

and depend on the number of files on the Urban Advisory Committee’s agenda.

Document submission deadlines*


IAC meetings


Borough council meetings


 August 10, 2018

August 14, 2018 

September 4, 2018 

September 7, 2018 

September 11, 2018 October 2, 2018

 October 5, 2018

October 9, 2018 November 6, 2018

 November 9, 2018

November 13, 2018 December 4, 2018


December 11, 2018

* À titre indicatif, selon la complexité de la demande, un délai additionnel pourrait s'appliquer.

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