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Tree felling


As part of continuing efforts to curb the spread of the emerald ash borer, a pest that has wreaked destruction on ash trees in the Greater Montréal region, new measures apply to felling trees.

Felling trees - all species

The following details the new measures put in place, and these measures must be strictly observed.

Across the borough of Verdun, residents are authorized to cut down trees again, provided that they submit a permit application following the procedure currently in force. Applications must include a report signed and sealed by a forest engineer.

Special measures concerning ash trees

A special form must be completed to cut down an ash tree. Applicants must fill out the form when they submit the application for a permit. This document sets out the conditions that must be met to safely dispose of all part of the tree. See the Ash tree site.

Pruning branches

Pruning or trimming branches will also be authorized, and a permit is not required. However, the branch disposal procedure put forward last June must be strictly observed. For complete details on the procedure, please call 311.

For further information concerning the emerald ash borer, go to