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Local sustainable development plan

 Verdun borough council adopted its Local sustainable development plan 2016-2020 (in French only)  Plan local de développement durable 2016-2020. [2,3 Mo - 20 pages]

This plan lays out the Borough’s sustainable development vision, which is intended to create people-friendly, green and equitable neighbourhoods. The enhancement of natural spaces and development of urban agriculture are also among the borough’s priorities in the years ahead. This plan, which forms part of Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020, includes four areas of action:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and our dependence on fossil fuels;
  • Initiate greening initiatives, increase biodiversity, and ensure the long-term viability of resources;
  • Provide access to sustainable, healthy neighbourhoods on a human scale;
  • Initiate the shift towards a green, circular and environmentally friendly economy.

Ultimately, the Local sustainable development plan is aimed at improving the quality of life of Verdun’s citizens, now and for generations to come.