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Borough tree management plan

Verdun’s tree management plan presents a status report based on the findings, analyses, and data stemming from the tree inventory carried out in 2013 and 2014. The most recent data on certain threats that could affect our arboreal heritage are given particular attention. Increased citizen participation on this issue would allow us to pool our efforts to improve the living environment for Verdun residents.

2014-2017 Status report

Tree information session - May 24, 2018 - Borough Hall


  • Presentation on trees
    • 2014-2017 Status report on Verdun’s tree management plan: 
      • Description of the urban forest (arboreal heritage and the Domaine St-Paul Woodland);
      • Trees on public property
      • Tree maintenance;
      •  Fighting the emerald ash borer: public and private trees.
  • Question period