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The Écocentre network: a service offered to all residents and owners in the agglomeration of Montréal

A network of seven écocentres is available to residents of the agglomeration of Montréal. Residents of Verdun have access to one local écocentre:


  • Écocentre LaSalle, 7272 Rue Saint-Patrick (between Rue Senkus and Rue Léger)

Access to écocentres is free with proof of residence and presentation of a valid ID. Écocentres are open five to seven days a week, depending on the season.

Écocentres help reduce the amount of residual materials destined for landfills and the production of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Écocentres will accept a variety of products that are harmful to human health and the environment, including construction debris, metal, used electronics, old clothing and recyclable articles.

For complete details on articles accepted and refused, addresses, schedules, applicable rates in specific cases, call 514-872-0384 or go to