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Snow removal

During the winter season, road maintenance crews ensure that pedestrians and motorists can safely use the 187 km of sidewalks and 109 km of roads in the borough of Verdun.   

This winter, develop good habits to avoid frustration

Each winter, the Verdun borough makes a major effort to clear snow across the urban network and thus facilitate the safe flow of traffic. Your collaboration is essential to ensure that snow removal operations are carried out safely and in a timely fashion.

Practical tips:

  • Watch for the dynamic signage in Verdun as of November 15. Dial the telephone number indicated on the road signs to know where to move your vehicle. Each day as of 5 p.m., the telephone system informs residents about the parking restrictions for the following morning.
  • 514-765-1111: Rue Champlain, Rue Bannantyne, Rue de Verdun, Boulevard LaSalle, Rue Dupuis (between Rue May and Boulevard LaSalle), Rue Hickson (between Rue Évangéline and Rue Bannantyne), Rue de l’Église (between Rue de Verdun and Rue Évangéline), Rue Gaétan-Laberge and Rue René-Lévesque.
  • 514-765-7222: for all other streets in the borough of Verdun.

Obey the no-parking periods at all times: 

  • When the parking signs do not include a telephone number;
  • When temporary signs are used, if necessary, Wednesdays and on weekends, on the following streets: Boulevard Champlain, Rue Bannantyne, Rue de Verdun, Boulevard LaSalle, Rue Dupuis, Rue Wellington (between Rue May and Rue LaSalle), Rue Hickson (between Rue Évangéline and Rue Bannantyne), Rue de l’Église (between Rue de Verdun and Rue Évangéline) and Rue Gaétan-Laberge.
  • Parallel park your vehicle rather than park it at an oblique angle;
  • Make sure your garbage and recycling bags do not hinder snow removal operations (by not placing them on snow banks or sidewalks).
  • Do not shovel snow onto the sidewalk or street.
  • Opt in favour of public transit.

Tools to make your life easier

Info-neige MTL: Mobile application offered on iOS and Android

Map indicating planned and active snow removal operations and colour-coded parking restrictions. For more information on the application :

Snow removal Montréal

A dynamic map lets users track snow removal operations on either side of the street, day and night, and see which streets have been cleared. The interface is adapted to smart phones and digital tablets:

Snow... we’re taking charge


Between 0 ºC and -15 ºC, salt is spread on the road. Sidewalks receive a mix of 50% gravel and 50% salt.
When it is colder than -15º C, a mixture of 10% salt and 90% gravel is used on roads and sidewalks.

Snow clearing

As soon as the amount of snow on the ground exceeds 2.5 cm, the snow is removed to facilitate vehicle traffic.
Place your garbage and recycling bags on your lawn, far enough from the sidewalk.

Snow removal

Snow removal (loading) is done during regular no-parking periods on most streets, starting with the main streets. Barring exceptions, one side of the street is cleared, as needed, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, while the other side is cleared Monday and Thursday. It is important to obey the signage to ensure that snow removal operations run smoothly. Park your car in your driveway, or 30 cm (about one foot) from the sidewalk to allow the sidewalk plow to pass.
In some instances, temporary no-parking signs are installed on certain streets. Please comply with the no-parking periods indicated on the signs at all times.

Snow removal is initiated when the accumulation on the ground reaches about 15 cm. These operations may involved as many as 110 people working for three to five days, depending on the amount of precipitation.


Road crews clear the streets in winter, but clearing and de-icing are not carried out in alleyways.


If your vehicle is towed during snow removal operations, the Info-Remorquage line lets you know where it was moved 24 hours a day. Call 514-872-3777.