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Here and abroad - Shanghai Collection

The Armchair Traveller

A unique collection of more than 500 volumes at the Mile End Library

On April 6, 2005, the mayors of Montréal and Shanghai celebrated the 20th anniversary of the agreement uniting their respective cities.

To mark that occasion and also to commemorate UNESCO’s announcement designating Montréal as World Book Capital for 2005–2006, the city of Shanghai donated more than 500 books to the Montréal Public Libraries Network. This collection is available to the public at the Mile End Library.

All the books in the collection are about China. The collection includes books in Mandarin, some classics and fairy tales in both English and Mandarin, and other works in French, English, Japanese and German.

Logo : City of Shanghai, ChinaThe collection covers a number of different topics: modern and historical architecture, economics, arts and culture (cinema, painting, theatre, folklore, rituals such as the tea ceremony, calligraphy, ceramics, music, gemology with jade – a stone prized by the Chinese), cooking, traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and acupressure), history, literature, politics, philosophy, language and geography (the country’s major cities and regions).

Below are a few titles to whet the appetite of China enthusiasts:

  • Dazu Grottoes in a NutshellLogo : Library of Shanghai, China
  • Treasures – 300 Best Excavated Antiques From China
  • Spectacular China, China Three Gorges Project
  • Priceless Treasures
  • Shanghai 360, Great Changes Shanghai’s Real Estate Turns 150
  • A Guide to Chinese Bridges
  • Folk New Year pictures extant in Weifang only