New Cultural Space in Griffintown

The Wellington Tower used to be one of the major railway traffic control towers in operation in North America, and the repurposing of the tower at 1230 Smith Street provides a unique opportunity today to restore prestige to a heritage building of exceptional value!
The project to redevelop the tower into an innovative cultural space is also part of the renewal and development of a key Montréal neighbourhood with a rich industrial past: Griffintown.

Public Call for Ideas

  • October 2013 : A public call for ideas is launched.
  • January 2014 : The selection committee retains the applications of four agencies (Atelier créatifs, Eastern bloc, Espaces temps et ProductionsWeArt).

Call for Proposals

  • December 2014 : A call for proposals from these shortlisted agencies is launched. 
  • Spring 2015 : The finalists are divided into two teams (Ateliers créatifs Montréal/Productions WeArt and Eastern Bloc/Espaces temps) and are asked to fine-tune their proposals.
  • Juillet 2015 : The winning project is announced.

Winning Proposal

As the first-ever place dedicated to city life as a subject and object of creation, research and experimentation, the new cultural incubator is meant to stand as a new urban icon on the city’s cultural and heritage scene. Wellington Tower will become a place where artistic, urban and culinary cultures come together. The main floor will house an art gallery as well as a food court managed by Chef Stefano Faita. In addition to the originality and relevance of the proposal, the jury was also impressed by the promoters’ keen understanding of the long-term financial viability of their project and how their business plan reflected this understanding.

It should also be noted that the two teams of finalists received financial assistance for the submission of their proposal from the Programme de soutien aux études préalables (preliminary studies funding program) of the Forum des équipements culturels (under the 2012–2015 agreement on cultural development between the MCC and the City).





Arts and culture department

Type of project



Le Sud-Ouest


Geneviève Auclair
Agente de développement culturel
Division des quartiers culturels
1230, rue Smith
Montreal, QC H2Y 3Y8
Vue de la tour Wellington