Submitting a heritage property project

Are you planning to do work on your home? Ville de Montréal provides financial assistance to renovate heritage properties.

A property located in a sector of exceptional historic, architectural or natural scenic value deserves to be showcased. Architectural elements on a property’s facade contribute to a neighbourhood’s heritage appeal and, as such, it is vital that the character of the building be preserved and protected.

There are many financial assistance programs available to citizens who wish to renovate a heritage property. To learn if you qualify, contact the borough where the building is located. Each neighbourhood has its own regulations and eligibility criteria.

Before beginning your project, contact your borough at 311 or arrange an appointment with the Accès Montréal office in your neighbourhood. To prepare the renovation work on your property, consult the Heritage and Quality Renovation Guide for best practices.

To simplify the administrative process, the borough oversees all applications for heritage property projects and makes all necessary verifications for the successful completion of the work. The Accès Montréal office will assist you in several ways: checking the eligibility of the building and heritage status of the sector, choosing the program to which the application should be submitted, requesting a work permit from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, if needed, requesting work authorization from the City, and defining the standards and bylaws to be met.