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Submitting an artistic project

Accès culture network

All disciplines

Are you a professional artist or organization? Do you want to mount a show or exhibition in one of the Maisons de la culture or other municipal venue? You can submit your artistic project at any time to the Accès culture network.

From September to April, all submissions received are analyzed by the Accès culture team, in collaboration with all borough programmers.


Temporary installations in public spaces

Visual and media arts

The Service de la culture provides expertise to professional artists interested in mounting temporary art installations in a public space. This assistance includes guiding the way through the approval process with various municipal authorities and showcasing the urban creations. Professional artists and organizations in the visual arts are invited to submit temporary and ephemeral art installation projects.


Submitting your project

To submit a temporary or ephemeral art installation, read and complete the forms below. 

Step 1: Preparing an application

  • Guide du demandeur [436.9 KB - 3 pages] (only available in French): The guide presents the elements that need to be considered when making an application, including eligibility criteria, safety standards, municipal bylaws and important notices about temporary and ephemeral art installations. You can find more details about municipal bylaws in the Guide à l’usage des organisateurs de festivals ou d’événements professionnels, produced by the Bureau des festivals et événements culturels.
  • Formulaire de présentation de projet [438 KB - 5 pages] (only available in French): This form includes four sections: identification of the applicant, information about the project, description of the installation and additional information.

Step 2: Technical aspects and guidance

Note: To be completed only once the project is accepted by the City.

Formulaire de renseignements techniques [435.8 KB - 4 pages] (only available in French): The applicant must complete this form once the application is accepted by the Direction de la culture et du patrimoine. Detailed technical information about each of the works must be provided to enable in-depth analysis of the project.

  • Exemples de fiches techniques (only available in French) (Fiche technique no. 1 [344.7 KB - 1 page], Fiche technique no. 2 [145.8 KB - 1 page] and Fiche technique no. 3 [356.2 KB - 1 page]): Refer to these technical specifications sheets as an example of the information that must be attached to the application, including details of a work of art, a location plan or a mock-up of an art installation in a park.
  • Avenant d’assurance de la Ville [37 KB - 2 pages] (only available in French): Applicants must obtain, at their own expense, and keep current a civil liability insurance policy to exempt the City from any claim for damages caused by vandalism and all other damages of any nature whatsoever caused by the applicants, their employees and their contractors.

Step 3: Completing and disseminating the work

The Direction de la culture et du patrimoine seeks to build and disseminate a virtual gallery of temporary and ephemeral art installations that have been completed with its support on the City’s territory. To achieve this goal, applicants are asked to submit high-definition (300 dpi) images of their works, clearly indicating legends and credits, and to complete the copyright license that will be issued by the City’s project manager once the project is retained.


CAM en tournée

All disciplines

The Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée is the most important arts tour in Montréal. Each year, this program supports between 400 and 500 artistic presentations that travel from one end of the Island of Montréal to the other, helping artists to extend the life of their work, increase their influence and enrich the offerings of borough programmers.