Organizing a cultural event in a public space


Sporting events

Montréal is renowned for its vibrant urban ambiance and the outstanding calibre and variety of its events. These activities enrich quality of life, generate social and economic benefits and enhance the city’s allure. This success can be attributed to the numerous Montréal-based event promoters who bring energy and excitement to the city’s public spaces every year. The Ville de Montréal also plays a role in this regard by providing technical and logistical support and, in some cases, allocating funding.

If you wish to organize a city-wide, national or international sporting event on public property, please complete the “Application to Hold an Event on Public Property” form (in French).

Make sure to attach the necessary documentation for the initial review and stress the unique value of your event for the city and its residents.

The Division des événements publics (DEP) will work with you to organize your event, advising you on relevant by-laws and regulations, technical considerations, coordination logistics, public safety measures and so forth. The DEP team will be there to support you and help you obtain all the required authorizations.

If you wish to organize a smaller-scale local sporting event, kindly contact your borough directly.
Note that public property refers primarily to streets, lanes and public squares, including sidewalks, medians, off-road bikeways, parks and public gardens.