Prix Accès culture

Nature of the award

The Prix Accès culture is presented annually to a Québec performer or performing arts company officially selected to be part of the Bourse RIDEAU. This award guarantees a tour in the various venues of Montréal’s Accès culture network during the coming year.

Eligibility criteria

Officially selected to be part of the Bourse RIDEAU.

Application file

Information to be submitted for official selection for the Bourse RIDEAU can be found on the Bourse RIDEAU website (in French). 

Method of evaluation

The panel of judges is made up of Accès culture presenters attending the Bourse Rideau. Judges choose a favourite project from among those submitted by artists for the award.

Date of the award presentation

The award is presented during the Soirée des prix RIDEAU, which closes each edition of the Bourse RIDEAU.

Call for applications

The call for applications for the Bourse RIDEAU takes place each year in September and/or October.

For exact dates, go to the website.


Artistic field

Performance art

Prize type

City awards


Elisa Belhache
Service de la culture
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801 Brennan St., 5th floor
Montréal, QC H3C 0G4