Municipal art collection


PADORAC: Accès culture network’s acquisition plan for works of art

Art for everyone, every day

The presence of contemporary works of art in the daily lives of citizens and those who enjoy city life puts people in actual contact with today’s creative artists. Montréal’s artistic heritage is on display in an original way in municipal administration buildings and public and semi-public spaces, especially city hall, borough halls, municipal facilities and libraries.

Supporting artistic creation

To ensure the place of art in city life, the Service de la culture coordinates an art acquisition plan, the Plan d’acquisition des œuvres d’art du réseau Accès culture (PADORAC). In addition to encouraging citizens to take part in Montréal’s cultural life, the program recognizes contemporary art production and promotes 200 artistic events each year chosen from among the network’s 24 cultural presenters. In mid-career, established or up-and-coming, the artists whose works are selected illustrate the uniqueness of the programming offered by each presenter. Since its creation in 2011, PADORAC has enhanced the municipal art collection with some 150 works acquired from visual arts presenters in the boroughs of the Island of Montréal.

Acquisition methods

Exhibited works selected from yearly art programming and retained by the network’s team are presented annually to the acquisition committee, which is made up of qualified experts and representatives from the Service de la culture. The works are examined according to the usual evaluation criteria: formal quality, relevance to the collection, means of displaying the work (technical constraints) and conservation.