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Through its policies and programs, Ville de Montréal seeks to improve the quality of neighbourhood life, encourage access to the arts and culture, foster the engagement of citizens in improving their community, maintain and beautify the city, and support and showcase the work of creative artists. One way to achieve this is through mural art.

The objective of the new Mural Arts Program is to beautify Montréal’s public spaces through the creation of outdoor murals that are visible, creative and relate to their surrounding environment. The program consists of three components, each corresponding to a process and various evaluation criteria. The current call for projects relates to the first two components.

The first component is under under the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal


Non-profit organization (NPO) with more than two years of experience in the production of murals and associated with a professional artist, muralist or recognized artists’ collective.  


Wednedsday, February 28, 2018, at noon.


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Sara Savignac-Rousseau
Agente de développement culturel
Service de la culture
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