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Municipal cultural infrastructure support

Programme de soutien aux équipements culturels municipaux


The purpose of this program is to consolidate and strategically develop the network of municipal cultural infrastructures on the territory of the Island of Montréal.

The Fonds des équipements culturels funds all municipal cultural facilities out of Montréal’s three-year capital expenditures program (TCEP), based on professional standards of artistic dissemination and production. The decision to fund a cultural project is reached by consensus by both partners of the Forum permanent des équipements culturels.

This program is offered under the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal.


Note that this program is intended exclusively for the boroughs.

In accordance with the guidelines contained in the document, funding applications can be made for the following three eligible projects:

  1. Purchase of equipment and/or specialized furniture
  2. Acquisition of buildings
  3. Infrastructure work  


1. Purchase of equipment and/or specialized furniture – April 15, 2013

2. Acquisition of buildings – no deadline (yearly)

3. Infrastructure work – no deadline (yearly)


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Cultural facilities / Buildings


Sophie Charlebois
Bureau des équipements et espaces culturels
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