The Cultural Quarters Project is listed as a priority in theMontréal, Cultural Metropolis – 2007–2017 Action Plan. Its objective is to enhance the cultural quality of Montrealers’ living environment.

Cultural quarters are diversified urban spaces that are adapted to the local character of a neighbourhood. They integrate elements of heritage, architecture, the environment, arts, science and commercial activity and draw on a diversity of stakeholders from various sectors of activity.

With the creation of the Division des quartiers culturels within the Service de la culture and the provision of guidance and funding to this unit, the great adventure has begun! Over the next few years, the boroughs, in collaboration with local partners and the central City, will be creating their cultural quarters to reflect Montréal’s identity in all its diversity and creativity.

Project Description

On June 17, 2013, City Council approved the Implementation Plan for Cultural Quarters, the Executive Committee’s response to the recommendations of the Commission sur la culture, le patrimoine et les sports regarding cultural quarters.

The adoption of this plan marked the end of public consultations, which began in 2011, and the start of concerted actions to consolidate and develop cultural quarters throughout the territory of Montréal.

It is worth noting that the concept of a cultural quarter is rooted in a new movement that favours integrated approaches to urban development a collaborative network of partners working across and along sectors to co-produce cultural activities.

This reflects a holistic or ecosystemic trend that differs from silo, sectoral and fragmented approaches. This inclusive and unifying concept links urban planning issues and cultural issues in an evolving process that is based on sustainable development principles and Agenda 21 for culture

The 2005–2015 Cultural Development Policy and the Montréal, Cultural Metropolis – 2007–2017 Action Planintegrate the vision of cultural quarters in their commitments and priority actions.

Finally, with the soon to be completed Quartier des spectacles, the enhancement of Old Montréal, the drafting of a new development plan for the City, the creation of urban walkways and the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montréal in 2017, the cultural quarters will open up new opportunities for our cultural metropolis in the future!


The Implementation Plan for Cultural Quarterscontains general and specific directions to be taken by the boroughs, community partners and theService de la qualité de vie and other central City departments. This plan will guide the actions of the City in the coming years.

Some directions deal with the animation and enhancement of cultural quarters, that is, the development of nearby facilities dedicated to culture (libraries and municipal cultural dissemination sites) and artists’ studios, the installation of permanent and temporary public art, the creation of cultural and heritage tours, the development of cultural mediation and amateur art projects, and the holding of festivals and events.

Other directions are more focused on cultural urban planning: cultural signage, the creation and development of open and inclusive public spaces, the adaptation of bylaws and the organization of urban design competitions. 

Vision and Objectives

The vision of cultural quarters, as clarified in recent years, is to provide Montrealers with a quality cultural offering close to where they live and to encourage residents to participate in culture to develop and improve their living environment.

The broad objectives of this vision are to consolidate and develop unique multi-faceted cultural urban spaces and to enhance the heritage, artistic, architectural, natural, commercial, ethnic and cultural wealth of Montréal’s neighbourhoods, in collaboration with the boroughs and community stakeholders from different sectors of activity.

Background and Stages of Implementation

  • 2007: Following Rendez-vous Montréal, Cultural Metropolis and the adoption of a specific urban plan for the Place des Arts sector of the Quartier des spectacles, the vision of cultural quarters truly began to emerge at Ville de Montréal. The earliest foundations for the concept of a “Cultural Hub,” mainly venues of cultural creation, production and dissemination, had been laid in previous years.
  • 2009–2010: Concept research and round of consultations
  • 2010–2011: Drafting of a directional document
  • September 2011: Cultural Quarters presentation to the Commission permanente sur la culture, le patrimoine et les sports
  • October and November 2011: Presentation and submission of briefs to the Commission
  • April 2012: Presentation and adoption of the recommendations by the Commission
  • June 2012: Tabling of the Commission’s recommendations report to City Council
  • January 2013: Ceation of the Division des quartiers culturels
  • June 2013: Adoption of the Commission’s recommendations by City Council and launch of the Cultural Quarters Implementation Plan


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