Grand Prix du livre de Montréal

Nature of the award

The Grand Prix du livre de Montréal promotes excellence in creative writing and the vitality of Montréal’s publishing industry. It raises the population’s awareness of Québec literature by honouring a recently published work whose craftsmanship and originality are exceptional.

A $15,000 bursary is presented by Ville de Montréal to the author or co-authors of a work written in French or English (with the exception of re-releases and translations) for its outstanding craftsmanship and original contribution.

Eligibility criteria

Any work written in French or English and published for the first time between September 1, 2017, and August 31, 2018, by an author or publisher based within the city limits is eligible.

Note: Works by authors or immediate family members who sit on the panel of judges or award secretariat are not eligible.

Panel of judges and method of evaluation

The panel of judges is made up of individuals representing the various sectors of the publishing industry, Montréal’s two major linguistic communities and the leading contemporary literary and intellectual trends.

Members meet at their convenience. The panel is chaired by a personality from the cultural community who is named for a three-year term by the City and who does not have any voting right.

The awarding process occurs in three stages:

  1. Pre-selection
  2. Selection of five finalists
  3. Selection of the winning work

Each work entered into the competition is read by at least two of the five judges who evaluate the work. Each pre-selected work is read and evaluated by all members of the panel.

Call for applications

Deadlines for submission of the works are:

  • April 1, 2018, for works published between September 1 2017 and March 1, 2018 
  • August 31, 2018, for works published between March 1 and August 31, 2018

Application file

Works must be entered on behalf of the author by the publisher using the application form. Seven copies of each work must be submitted, along with the application form, to the address mentioned in the application form. 

Date of presentation of the award

Fall 2018

Grand Prix du livre de Montréal

Artistic field


Prize type

City awards


Valérie Lampron
Service de la culture, Direction des bibliothèques
514 872-9090
801 Brennan Street, 5th Floor
Montréal, QC H3C 0G4