Donations of works of art

Public art

In July 2012, the City adopted a standardized process for analyzing public art donation proposals.

Similarly to several major North American cities, Ville de Montréal actively encourages the expansion of its art collection and the enhancement of the everyday cultural life of its neighbourhoods. The aim in adopting this process is, among other things, to enrich the City’s art holdings by adding works representative of specific periods in the history of art that are underrepresented in the collection. The process ensures that all donation proposals will be carefully and thoroughly evaluated.

The guidelines for acquiring public art donations were drafted following a comparative analysis of the practices of some Canadian and American cities. These guidelines include a number of criteria, in particular the donor’s conditions, analysis of the work, relationship to the artist’s total output and cohesiveness within the municipal art collection.

To learn more about Ville de Montréal’s acquisition process consult the documentation in French.


To submit a proposal for donating artwork to Ville de Montréal consult the documentation in French