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Division des quartiers culturels

The Division des quartiers culturels guides boroughs and cultural organizations in consolidating and developing immovable cultural property within Montréal’s neighbourhoods. Its goal is to improve cultural offerings and the quality of life of all Montrealers. The Division deals with planning issues involving cultural facilities, the development of cultural infrastructures and public art installations on the city’s territory.

The mandate of the Division des quartiers culturels is shared among three separate entities:


Bureau d’art public (BAP)

The BAP is responsible for the preservation, acquisition, enhancement and promotion of works from Ville de Montréal’s public art collection, a rich collection of approximately 300 works of art spread across the city’s territory, including 225 works on outdoor sites and 75 works integrated into architecture. The BAP also provides expertise to professional artists who wish to create temporary art installations on public property, guiding them through the process that involves various municipal authorities. It also showcases urban creations, especially through its cultural mediation projects.

To report a breakage or vandalism of works from the collection

Snejanka Popova – agente de développement culturel

514 872-9640


Bureau des équipements et espaces culturels (BEEC)

The BEEC provides professional expertise, as well as specialized services, regarding cultural infrastructures. It ensures the consolidation and development of high-calibre spaces, both public and private, on the city’s territory. The BEEC is involved in projects that foster access by professional cultural organizations to existing municipal spaces. As well, it oversees the completion and provides guidance to artists on workshop projects. It also manages and coordinates support programs for specialized studies, fundraising and capital assets within the framework of the Forum des équipements culturels.


The management and coordination team of the Programme de rénovation, d’agrandissement et de construction de bibliothèques publiques (Programme RAC)

The RAC team provides expertise and advice to boroughs to better identify needs and define library renovation, expansion or construction projects. It is present at every stage of a project, from the initial concept, through the functional and technical aspects, architectural competition, plans, estimates and work, to the opening of the building. To fuel the creative thinking of project teams, the RAC team conducts informational intelligence locally, nationally and internationally, to bring perspective to best practices and innovations integrated into 21st-century libraries.


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