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Direction – Cinéma, Festivals et Événements

The mandate of the Direction – Cinéma, Festivals et Événements, as the name implies, is to manage and showcase the film and television sector, festivals and cultural events. The Direction associée also actively monitors all cultural and creative industries on Montréal’s territory.
Each year, it oversees 600 film and television productions and 250 festivals and events.

Québec Film and Television Council

The Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC) coordinates filming on Montréal’s territory.
It should be noted that local film and television producers are responsible for the vast majority (72%) of productions shot in the City. The dynamic character and firmly established roots of Montréal’s film industry explain why foreign directors so value the talent and skills of the city’s artists and technicians.
The QFTC has long encouraged foreign producers to choose Montréal for their film projects and serves as the essential point of entry for prospecting filming locations and obtaining permits.
The QFTC also provides contacts and information about the metropolitan region’s film and television industry and serves as the liaison with public and private programs that support productions.

Bureau des festivals et des événements culturels

The Bureau des festivals et des événements culturels provides expertise and specialized services to professionals within Montréal’s cultural community. Its clients include cultural organizations and event producers.
The Bureau’s team is also responsible for setting strict conditions for the safe and orderly use of the public domain and public spaces with promoters and creators of cultural events.
Each year, the Bureau des festivals et des événements culturels supports some 100 cultural events, nearly half of which are international in scope. Thanks to the work of the Bureau’s team, some events can draw crowds of up to 200,000 persons of all ages and backgrounds at one time and in one location without any major safety problems.

Organizing a cultural event or festival on a public street 

Division des événements publics

The Division des événements publics (DEP) is a centralized source of expertise for the coordination of large-scale events of all kinds (sporting events, fundraisers, parades, activities to promote social and civic awareness, etc.) held on public property. The DEP oversees a number of events involving thousands of active participants and spectators. It facilitates issue tables, liaises with various city departments and manages select municipal facilities. It also administers a subsidy program to promote diversity in cultural expression.

The DEP possesses an in-depth understanding of the “big picture” of every event as well as the characteristics and needs specific to a wide variety of activities. The team can therefore offer invaluable insight into the dynamics associated with large-scale events, including high-profile fundraising activities, sporting activities that require adherence to stringent rules, and parades and other city-spanning events involving large gatherings of people. The DEP provides event promoters with expert advice on relevant by-laws and regulations, technical considerations, coordination logistics, public safety and so forth.

Organizing an event on a public street (only available in French)