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Digital Equipment Upgrading of Venues

Program for Digital Equipment Upgrading of Venues


This program aims to help private venues upgrade digital equipment so that they can be on the cutting edge of technology. The program’s objectives are to meet artists’ needs as they integrate new technology into their artistic creations and proposals, and allow Montrealers to enjoy new, innovative and high-quality arts experiences.

This program has two categories:

  1. Venues with more than 400 seats

  2. Venues with 400 seats and fewer

Subsidies will not be awarded for expenses that are covered by other subsidies or other municipal or provincial programs.

Subsidies will not be awarded for expenses incurred before the date on which the subsidy application was declared eligible.

This program is part of the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal


To be eligible, venues must present professional performing arts programs and that activity must be the primary use of the building, in compliance with applicable zoning regulations.

The theatre must offer a program of professional performing arts events, meaning a yearly program of events with weekly theatre, dance, music, song, performance, circus arts or variety shows performed by professional or up-and-coming artists or organizations that are recognized by their peers.   

The venues must be located within Montréal’s city limits.

The following are not eligible for the program:

1. Digital equipment upgrading for a venue in a building whose owner or operator is one of the following:

a) The Crown in Right of Canada, one of its agents or a Crown corporation

b) The state, one of its agents or a state corporation

c) City of Montréal

d) A school board, college, university in the sense of the University Investments Act (chapter I-17) or the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec

e) A not-for-profit corporation that holds a permit for a private educational institution under an Act Respecting Private Education (chapter E-9.1)

f) An institution accredited for subsidies under an Act Respecting Private Education or an institution whose educational model is the subject of an international agreement as per the Act Respecting the Ministère des Relations Internationales (chapter M-25.1.1)

g) A religious institution whose venue is operated by a person or entity listed in paragraph d) or e)

h) A museum, art gallery, interpretation centre or cultural centre

i) An operator who was eligible for or received financial support as part of Mesure d’acquisition et de mise à jour numérique du Plan culturel numérique du gouvernement du Québec of 2014 to upgrade a venue or performance hall

2. Digital upgrading of a theatre with 3,000 seats or more.

Receipt of applications

The program goes into effect on November 25, 2017. Operators of private venues can submit their project beginning on that date. The program’s eligibility will be analyzed depending on the date and time the application is received, on a “first come, first served” basis, until all funds have been exhausted for each category.

Program forms and all attachments must be sent to the following e-mail address, as of November 25, 2017:

The By-law Concerning Subsidies for the Digital Upgrading of Private Venues (17-086) takes precedence over any interpretation.


Please see the documents in the French page of this website to learn about Program conditions and complete the application

For more information: 514-872-3731 or