In 2005, Ville de Montréal established cultural mediation as a priority in its Cultural Development Policy to encourage access to culture for all residents. The Montréal, Cultural Metropolis – 2007–2017 Action Plan, which was adopted by the City, the Québec government, the Canadian government, Culture Montréal and the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, placed mediation at the top of the list of directions and actions to be taken.

Cultural action is a priority for Ville de Montréal. The purpose of cultural mediation activities is to democratize culture and to foster genuine exchanges between professional artists and Montrealers who have become stakeholders as much as spectators.


Cultural action and partnerships

Subproject: Partnership Study: Status of Cultural Mediation in Montréal

In choosing to develop cultural mediation, Ville de Montréal must regularly assess the status of access to culture in order to target appropriate actions, understand the repercussions and gauge if these actions respond effectively to Montréal’s cultural reality.

With this in mind, the City conducted an extensive study in 2008, in two phases. The first phase, which was carried out in 2008–2009, produced a descriptive directory of cultural mediation activities. The second is a three-year longitudinal phase, which is currently under way, and the results are expected in spring 2014.


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January, 2005